Scam Alert: Vice President of Ghana, Dr. Bawumia gifts Journalist, Ameyaw Debrah 1 brand New Toyota Vitz.

In a Twitter post shared by Ameyaw Debrah, some individuals under the pretense of being the Second Lady of Ghana wrote to the famous journalist Ameyaw Debrah an email telling him to come for a Toyota vitz his excellency purchased for him.

In the email, it was a form of thanksgiving for helping them win the NPP presidential seat elections that happened over the weekend. However, the were lots of typing mistakes which gave them up as being scammers.

Also the email address attached does not seem to belong to the state of the presidency. Whiles other individuals think it might be true, most computer literates have shared their thoughts on the email naming it a scam.

Individuals are advised to be vigilant in the use of the internet as it is no longer a safe space. Find below the picture of the email shared by Ameyaw Debrah .

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