Popular Snapchat Vendor, Barbara Hayford arrested.

Many people have called out this online vendor who mainly deals on Snapchat out after claims of being duped.

According to reports, her goods are on preorder and mostly takes 4 months to arrive in the country. However, people claim the said goods take a very long time and most of the time never arrive.

Refunding monies also takes a very long time or never happens. In the later hours of today, news reached out that she has been arrested after some of her customers reported her to the police. It was said that she wasn’t in the country but eventually got caught.

Popular Snapchat influencers like Sikaofficial among others have posted several times she is not a legit source after some of their viewers shared concerns.

As at now, people with claims she has duped are said to report to the East legon police station for refunds with proofs of payment.

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