Demon and his 1 other colleague after making worrisome videos have been arrested.

Demon, a young gentleman who surfaced online recently after he made a worrisome video with his colleague has been arrested.

In the video, Demon and his colleague are seen with sharp objects in the likes of pairs of scissors and cutlasses which they said will use on their victims if they refuse to give them their possessions.

Just as the laws of Ghana state that stealing or robbery is illegal, the Ghana Police Service made a quick move and grabbed Demon. His other colleague is still on the run.

These two gentlemen are notorious pick pockets who for some unknown reasons decided to publicize their illegal acts which have landed them in trouble.

From the video, they looked and sounded like they were on drugs with a lot of scary tattoos on their bodies. Citizens of Ghana are happy one has been arrested and look forward to the other one joining his colleague.

Citizens are advised to be cautious of what they post on their social media pages as it may land them into trouble. Watch video below:

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