Daniel Duncan Williams causes a stir online after posting nude videos of himself.

Daniel Duncan Williams shows no signs of change after rehabilitation

Daniel Duncan Williams, son of Archbishop Duncan Williams causes a stir online after he made wild tweets on the X app.

This shocked Ghanaians because a few weeks ago, he posted about being at rehab and completely giving his life to Christ. However, this did not seem to be true as the young lad started posting nudes of himself and other videos of he having sex on his Twitter page.

He also posted about being the devil and also getting possessed. For people on the timeline who tried to advise him, he threw profane words at them in the comment sections. This surprised lots of people as they saw it to be a way this gentleman uses to embarrass his father as he is a very respected man in Ghana.

Daniel also spoke about getting broken hearted by the famous Abena Korkor of which he wrote a song for in May. Shortly after, some users of Twitter were able to find videos of him together with his said crush and called him the male version of his own crush.

The videos for some reason got deleted but Daniel didn’t seem to be remorseful at all. Tap on the link below to see the videos.


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