Armed Thief Caught in the Bushes of Bani Hostel.

In the midst of numerous theft cases happening at the university of Ghana campus, security has been enhanced with school authorities putting in much efforts to curb these issues.

Some measures put in place include organizing seminars for students, putting more security at vantage points and also including the lighting systems on campus. Other prominent individuals in the likes of Honorable John Dumelo have contributed immensely to this effect.

However these thieves seem not to refrain from their uncouth ways. In the late hours of last night, an armed thief was caught in the bushes of the Bani hostel. He was found with sharp knifes, blades and screw drivers among others.

The security service at the Bani hostel arrested him and handed him over to the police. In as much as the school is doing it’s part to ensure safety, the university community is encouraged to practice safer methods of movements to avoid injuries in situations like this.

Video credit : legon live gh

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