Ghana Fire Service reported about 656,591 prank calls in 2023.

Fire Service of Ghana records 656591 prank calls in 2023.

Ghanaians are mostly known for complaining about the poor services of the organization responsible for handling fire outbreaks, the Ghana Fire Service.

Most videos of outbreaks speculate online in which mostly, people who call the fire service talk about their lateness to the scene and also sometimes them not showing up at all.

This wasn’t a very good reputation for the Service of Ghana hence reporting reasons why these mostly happened. In a recent interview, one of the heads spoke about most people placing prank or false calls to this service.

He mentioned instances were individuals spoke about their private parts being on fire and they needing their service in quenching it. This discredits the reputation of the Ghana Fire Service.

It has also led to wastage of resources since traveling to such scènes waste fuel among others. In total, 656,591 prank calls were recorded in the year 2023.

Ghanaians are asked to desist from such acts since it may lead to people who may need actual help getting neglected.

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