Lady *mistakenly* murders friend during a fight.

A video which has surfaced online after a Twitter user shared it and said, “be careful of the friends you make” has left many people shocked and very sad as it showed how one young lady lost her life in a fight with her friend.

In the video, a group of young ladies of about 21-26 years are seen lodging in an apartment. Two of these ladies however were seen arguing. One of the ladies in question had a knife in her possession.

Out of no where, the knife she had gave her friend a very big cut which led to continuous flow of blood from the opened wound. The other people who were seen in the video were head asking the victim to do something about her cut.

Not long after this, the injured lady fell to the ground and stopped responding. It is suspected that this was due to the blood she lose after getting that cut.

Watch the video below: Viewers discretion advised

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