“‘You Slept with Me When I Was a Minor’: Afia Schwarzenegger(42) Dismisses Kwasi Aboagye’s Retraction Demand”

Afia Schwarzenegger has firmly stated that she will not retract or apologize to broadcaster Kwasi Aboagye, despite mounting pressure. This bold stance follows a formal demand from Kwasi Aboagye’s legal team, which sought a public apology from Afia for her controversial allegations. Afia accused Aboagye of being impotent and engaging in relationships with underage girls, claims that have stirred significant public and media interest.

In her unapologetic response, Afia maintained her position, asserting that her statements were truthful. She alleged that the radio host does pursue underage girls, a serious accusation that has added fuel to the already intense public discourse. Afia’s refusal to apologize underscores her conviction and determination to stand by her claims, despite the potential legal consequences and the public scrutiny she faces.

This development has further polarized opinions, with supporters of Afia commending her bravery for speaking out, while critics question the veracity and motives behind her allegations. The legal ramifications of this dispute are yet to unfold, but the situation has undoubtedly cast a spotlight on the personal and professional lives of both Afia Schwarzenegger and Kwasi Aboagye.

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