Important Update: Changes in mobile money transaction limit starting December 1.

The leaders of the four Mobile Money Agents Associations in Ghana have made a decision that will kick in from December 1st, 2023.

According to a communique released, there’s a temporary change which states that cash withdrawals are getting a limit. Individuals can now withdraw a maximum of Ghc1,000.00 per transaction. This is because the goal is to make sure Mobile Money agents get the fair compensation they truly deserve for all their hard work.

During this temporary phase, the association is going full throttle, talking with service providers to tackle concerns about commission reviews. However if in the next month, there’s no positive adjustment, they might have to take some regrettable further actions.They assure the public that this is a way ensure fairness amongst workers.

The public is however ensured to cooperate as they are actively encouraged to join in rallying for fair compensation for Mobile Money Agents.According to the mobile money companies, this is the only way to ensure fairness. A communique to this effect was released.

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