Mineral Commission assures Ghanaians that the Kakum National Park will not be used for Mining.24% deal untrue.

The Kakum National Park is a tourist site found in the Central Region of Ghana. It is the home of the giant mid air walkway and some wild animals.

In a recent publication online, it was stated that the Kakum National Park which is one of the nicest tourist attractions in Ghana has been given out by the Mineral Commission of Ghana and the NPP Government to a private institution who were set to practice mining on the reserve.

It was stated that this private institution called High Street limited was to be given 24% by the Mineral Commission of government.

However, the Minerals Commission of Ghana has issued a press statement to assure Ghanaians that the Kakum National reserve has not been sold out as published earlier on.

Also, it states that the country does not support illegal mining activities hence, will not give out the Kakum National Reserve for such an act.

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