Legon Botanical Gardens: A Natural Oasis in Ghana, 2023.

The Legon Botanical Gardens: A Natural Oasis in Ghana.

Nestled in the heart of Ghana, the Legon Botanical Gardens stands as a testament to the country’s rich biodiversity and commitment to environmental conservation. Spanning over 50 acres, this lush oasis is a haven for nature enthusiasts, offering a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Brief History of The Legon Botanical Gardens.

The idea that birth the botanical garden was out of love for outdoor and adventure which resulted in a partnership by Mulch Company Limited in partnership with a Dutch company.[6]
Established in 1950, the Legon Botanical Gardens, situated near the University of Ghana in Legon, has evolved into a prime destination for both locals and tourists seeking a connection with nature. The gardens boast a diverse collection of plant species, carefully curated to showcase Ghana’s unique flora.

One of the garden’s main attractions is its extensive collection of indigenous trees and plants. Visitors are greeted by towering mahogany and odum trees, providing a cooling canopy that transports them into a tranquil realm. The botanical gardens play a crucial role in preserving and showcasing Ghana’s botanical heritage, contributing to the conservation of endangered species.

As visitors meander through the well-maintained pathways, they encounter themed sections within the gardens. The medicinal plants section educates visitors about the traditional uses of various plants in Ghanaian culture, highlighting the importance of biodiversity in traditional medicine. This educational aspect adds depth to the visitor’s experience, fostering an appreciation for the intertwined relationship between nature and culture.

The Legon Botanical Gardens also serves as a living classroom for students and researchers. The presence of the nearby University of Ghana enhances the garden’s significance as an educational resource. Botany students, environmental scientists, and researchers frequent the gardens to study plant life, ecosystems, and contribute to ongoing conservation efforts.

A striking feature of the gardens is the presence of a butterfly sanctuary. This enclosed space allows visitors to witness the enchanting dance of colorful butterflies in their natural habitat. The butterfly sanctuary not only provides a captivating experience but also underscores the importance of preserving ecosystems that support diverse wildlife.

For those seeking a moment of reflection, the Legon Botanical Gardens offers serene spots like the bamboo grove and the picturesque lake. These areas provide a peaceful escape for meditation, photography, or simply appreciating the beauty of nature. The gardens have become a popular venue for events such as weddings, picnics, and outdoor concerts, further integrating this natural gem into the fabric of the community.

The commitment to sustainability is evident in the garden’s eco-friendly practices. The management has implemented measures to reduce the environmental impact, including waste reduction, water conservation, and organic gardening techniques. The gardens serve as a model for how public spaces can be both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible.

To encourage community engagement, the Legon Botanical Gardens hosts educational programs, workshops, and nature walks. These initiatives aim to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity, environmental conservation, and sustainable living. By actively involving the local community, the gardens become a shared space that fosters a sense of environmental stewardship.

Fun Activities To Do At the Legon Botanical Gardens.

High Ropes Course

An intriguing series of platforms connected by cable, wood, and rope creating a different challenges at each platform is on offer for you to challenge yourself to. It includes 4 routes of 64 games on two levels with each route having a ziplane. Activities include walking on suspended planks, climbing along rope mesh, swinging from one suspenders log to another and many more. NB: Operators require all participants to be properly geared with sneakers /full closed shoes, trousers/shorts and hand gloves before being allowed up the ropes.

Children’s Playground

Do not miss the joy of watching your children challenge themselves as they go on the Junior ropes, Trampoline, Climbing jungle Circuit with Plastic Slides, Carousel, Seesaw, 7.8m high 4-Sided Pyramid Net Climber, Chinning Bars, 2 and 4 Seat Rotary wings, Bird Nest Swing, and many more.


Ride on a canoe for fun and experience the thrill of water. Cruise around beautiful Islands and Peninsulas which are the sanctuary for birds and some lizard species. NB Available from Fridays-Sundays & public holidays. Starts from 10:00am till 5:00pm. Groups with numbers of 20 and above must book in advance.

Canopy Walk

An opportunity to walk on the widest canopy walkway in Ghana with so much space for you to turn and have great view from all directions. The walkway is 13m high and 138m long.

Bird Watching

Watch migratory birds fly around the park.


In conclusion, the Legon Botanical Gardens in Ghana stands as a green oasis, offering a harmonious blend of education, conservation, and recreation. Its diverse plant collections, themed sections, and commitment to sustainability make it a model botanical garden in West Africa. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, a student of botany, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, the Legon Botanical Gardens invites you to explore the beauty and significance of Ghana’s natural heritage.

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