Shocking: Woman turns millionaire with over 2 million naira after posting about cooking for her husband.

Becoming a millionaire overnight with about 2 million naira

An X (formerly known as Twitter) user identified as Debbie took to her page to post about how she wakes up very early to cook for her husband after he told her his work colleague who is another female brings him food at work.

As a woman, she felt jealous and started waking up as early as 4:30 am to cook for her husband. Other females after seeing this post felt she was being enslaved by doing this act and asked her to refrain. Again, they insulted her for falling in love with a poor man.

How ever things took a turn when men on her timeline felt she was a good woman and deceived rewards for that. Shortly after, they started sending funds to her account number which one user requested. This money summed up to over 1 million Naira making her a millionaire overnight.

She also received other gifts like a house, tv accessories, free phones, data and unlimited airtime, a full time job among others. This drew the attention of other users and have asked for the grace of Debbie and her husband to locate them. Below is a thread of how it started.

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