A group of Ghanaians attempted the largest serving of Ghana Jollof Rice in 2019.

Guinness world record for largest Jollof serving in 2019.

In the year 2019, which was themed the year of return in Ghana, a group of Ghanaians attempted to enter the Guinness World Book of Records by attempting the largest serving of Ghana Jollof at the Afro Chella event.

This event however didn’t make the Guinness World Record popular until Hilda Baci, a Nigerian Chef attempted and earned the longest cooking marathon in the world.

After her success, Guinness is said to have recorded a lot of applications from Africa. Among this, Afua Asantewaa has undergone the longest singing marathon by an individual. Also, Chef Faila from the Northern region of Ghana has attempted the longest cooking marathon.

Guinness says in all, it has recorded a total number of about 350 applications from Ghana. This seems to be the new Ish since folks who attempt it gets lot of support financially.

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