Ghanaian Journalist set to break Guinness World Record with singing for more than 100 hours.

A female Ghanaian journalist who goes by the name Afua Asantewaa Aduonum aims to break the Guinness world record for longest singing duration.

She is a woman empowerment advocate in Ghana and also a broadcast journalist. She has been given the go ahead by the records team and is set to commence soon.

The current record is held by Sunil Waghmare from India, who sang for 105 hours, from 3rd to 7th March, 2012. However, Afua Asantewaa is set to sing for 120 hours.

Africa has been in the books of Guinness World Record since Hilda Baci won the longest time cooking alone in the world. Shortly after, another Nigerian with the name Helen Williams made the longest wig ever in the world.

Ghanaians are happy about this step by Afua and wish her all the best.

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