Irish Chef Dethrones Hilda Baci of Longest Cooking Hours Marathon. (119 hours)

In the early months of 2023, Nigerian Chef, Hilda Baci broke the record for the longest cooking marathon in the world. This brought about lots of jubilations and excitement in Nigeria And Africa as a whole. Many other chefs around the world hopped on this trend . However, Hilda was still the winner.

In the early hours of today, Guinness World Record announced the record holder of the longest cooking marathon to be an Irish Chef who goes by the name Alan Fisher. This Irish chef has broken two records in the books of Guinness.

These records are the longest cooking marathon which he undertook for 119 hours, 57 minutes and the longest baking time which was 47 hours 21 minutes.

Spectators took to their social media to confirm if that was true and Guinness World records debunked rumors that records can only be broken after a year.
They stated records can be broken any point in time.

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