All you need to know about Hilda Baci.

Hilda Bassey Effiong is a 27 year old Nigerian Chef from Akwa Ibom State who owns a cook brand called « My Food by Hilda » in Lagos.

She is set to break the record of the longest cooking time done by an individual. She is meant to stand to cook for 96 hours. For every one hour she has 5 minutes break.

She is not allowed to take any energy boosters, coffee or stimulants that will keep her awake. Instead, she is allowed to eat food, drink juice or water and take glucose only.

The cooking is taking place at Amoore Gardens, Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria. She is to cook around the clock; morning, afternoon, evening, midnight and dawn till the 96 hours is due.

Whatever she cooks is served to the audience at the venue. She is at liberty to cook any meal of her choice. Every meal she cooks and serves is recorded.

She started the cooking on Thursday and is set to finish today Monday , 15 May 2023 by evening. The previous owner of the title was an Indian Chef called Lata Tandon who set a record by cooking for 87 hours 45 minutes non stop in 2019.

Hilda is set to beat this record by adding extra 9 hours to the 87 hours used by the Indian Chef.

Most of the utensils and ingredients she used were sponsored by other individuals and companies. Uber gave 40% discount to people going to the venue to support Hilda.

As at now, she has beat the Guinness World Record as the longest cooking time used by an individual with massive support from Nigerians and Africa as a whole. It is up to the Guinness World to review what she has done and announce if the she has actually qualified.

This is a Big Win!

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