OpenAI (chatgpt) CEO Sam Altman has married his partner, Oliver Mulherin, in a seaside ceremony.

OpenAI CEO marries longtime male partner

The Chief Executive Officer for OpenAI popularly known as Chatgpt has married his long time partner Sam Altman in seaside wedding ceremony.

Sam Altman is a software engineer. The couple live together in California. Initially, people thought the pictures were AI generated. However, sources close to the couple stated that the pictures were posted on Altman’s private Instagram story.

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Individuals who put this information across did so under anonymity. The couple have also known each other since university and have kept their relationship private for a very long time. However, they were first seen together when the OpenAI CEO brought his lover with him to a dinner at the White House.

On the private instagram story, the couple are seen breaking glass, a traditional feature of Jewish weddings. They are also seen exchanging rings. The pair have spoken about having kids soon.

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