Chef Faila’s 227 hours cooking marathon unsuccessful.

Chef Faila’s cook-a-thon falls short.

Chef Faila’s attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the Longest Cooking Marathon (Individual) has concluded without achieving the desired outcome. Despite the setback, Chef Failatu with the support of Headline Sponsors Electroland Ghana, Pomo Tomato Paste, and Verna Mineral Water, as well as several esteemed partners, remains grateful for the overwhelming support received.

Unfortunately, the attempt did not meet the stringent guidelines set by Guinness World Records, primarily due to a violation of the rest break rules. Despite this disappointment, the chef expressed profound gratitude to her sponsors, partners, and fans for their unwavering support throughout the journey.

While the outcome may not have been as anticipated, the chef remains undeterred and is fueled by the encouragement received from her sponsors and partners. She views the attempt as an invaluable experience and is committed to continuing to push boundaries in the culinary world.

The team at Guinness World Records acknowledged the Chef’s efforts and encouraged her to consider future record proposals, emphasizing the commendable dedication demonstrated during the attempt.

Chef Faila’s journey was made possible through the generous support of various sponsors and partners, including Electroland Ghana, Pomo Tomato Paste, Verna Mineral Water, and several media partners. She extends her heartfelt appreciation to all involved, including government institutions, healthcare facilities, and the armed forces, for their support and encouragement.

In conclusion, Chef Failatu Razak expresses sincere gratitude to Vice-President Dr. Bawumia, Second Lady Samira Bawumia, Former President John Mahama, and the Lordina Foundation for their unwavering support throughout the journey. Despite not achieving the intended record, Chef Faila remains determined to pursue her passion for culinary excellence.

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