Lynching Becoming A Norm In Our Ghanaian Society .

The Ghanaian society has become a slaughter house and no one is safe . Instant justice is being preferred to handing alleged culprits over to the police .

As soon as you’re accused or something bad occurs and you fall under the “he’s to blame” mantra , consider yourself a corpse .

Unfortunately , nobody has time to hear what you have to say and nobody cares about whatever explanation you give . As long as two or three fingers point at you , it means you’re guilty and instant justice has to take place .
Even someone who has absolutely no idea about what’s going on feels like he or she has the right to determine how and when you leave this earth .

Major Mahama , Denkyira obuasi . One suspect allegedly said in court , there was a robbery the previous day within the vicinity and one of the robbers was in a military uniform . When he saw the victim carrying out his usual morning exercise routine in his military trunks , he just assumed he was the robber he saw the previous day .
Other suspects have allegedly given their accounts and by the look of it , most of them just joined the mob and brutally lynched an innocent soldier to death . They just joined the party without having any idea of what was going on neither did they bother to ask .

Sheriff Imoro , Ashaiman . According to the press statement released by the Ghana Police service in regards to their investigations , the victim was lynched to death by a mob and was robbed as well . According other sources , they claim whilst he was being brutally lynched by the mob , other people stood by and watched because they assumed he was a thief .
The soldiers mother , speaking to one of the radio stations , said during the time his son was being murdered , people tried to reach out to the assembly man within the vicinity which proved futal . He refused to showed up simply because news reached him that the young soldier “was a thief” . The mother said .

Monday , 22nd May , a taxi driver was lynched to death at berekum . He was involved in a collision which led to the tragic death of passengers in the other vehicle (tricycle) . He was immediately lynched to death . Instant justice .

The above cases were referenced to give you a fair idea of what is becoming a norm in our Ghanaian society . It seems we’re living in a lawless country where you can just be murdered based on assumptions and that’s not fair .

This is why we have laws in this country . If indeed the person is guilty or you witnessed someone do something tragic , you hand them over to the law enforcers . You don’t brutally murder someone because you assume or witnessed a crime he committed .

If you want to have a say in the person’s incarceration , you show up in court and avail yourself as a witness to the said crime which he committed . You don’t take matters into your own hands .

I think the law enforcement agencies should start a mass education or launch a campaign to enlighten people .
Perhaps , these people don’t have a clue about the law and its prowess and due to that they’ve lost faith in the system . There has to be a national agenda aimed at educating people and encouraging them to trust in the law system .

I believe if this is done it might atleast help people to understand that instant justice on the street shouldn’t be an alternative . The law should be the only alternative to any form of crime .

Rome wasn’t built in a day , it’s a gradual process and I believe if the right structures are put in place , we can reach out to the benighted and eradicate lynching from our society.

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