The Rapid Formations Entrepreneur Scholarship Programme is a scholarship award by the Rapid Formations organization, a company that provides quick and straightforward online company formation services. Their expertise ensures the delivery of relevant products and high-quality customer service, earning them the top spot among UK company formation specialists.

To further their impact, Rapid Formations has introduced the Entrepreneur Scholarship Programme. This initiative aims to support emerging business leaders in their entrepreneurial pursuits. The scholarship program is open to individuals who have received offers from or are currently enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate programs at officially recognized higher learning institutions in the UK or the US. The award assists with study-related financial costs, potentially leading to successful enterprises. Each year, five scholarships, each worth £500 are awarded based on academic excellence and entrepreneurial potential.

Eligibility criteria for the Rapid Formations Entrepreneur Scholarship

Application to the Rapid Formations Entrepreneur Scholarship Programme is open to individuals of all nationalities. Applicants must have received an offer from or secured a place on an undergraduate or postgraduate programme, either full-time or part-time, at a recognized higher learning institution in the UK or the US.

Application process

Application to the Rapid Formations Entrepreneur Scholarship Programme is simple and straightforward. Applicants are to send their application with a copy of their admission letter and/or a letter of recommendation from a course co-ordinator (for continuing students) to the email address:  <funding@rapidformations.co.uk>. Applicants must attach an 800-word essay outlining their entrepreneurial ideas and the reasons why they require financial support.

Applicants will be accessed based on the quality of their entrepreneurial ideas, financial need and the quality of their admission offer or letter of recommendation.  Applicants are advised to research more on the program, the eligibility criteria and application process before applying. The deadline for the submission of applications is 31st August 2024. More information on the Rapid Formations Entrepreneur Scholarship Programme can be found on the official website of Rapid Formations.

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