ServiceScape, an editing company that serves as a marketplace for editors, translators, graphic designers and writers established in the year 2000, announces the ServiceScape Scholarship 2024 awarded to the applicant who wins the organization’s essay contest.

This scholarship program aims to assist students pursuing Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees by providing partial funding of 1,000 USD. The ServiceScape Scholarship 2024 is open to students pursuing any subject or field of study offered at universities or institutions worldwide. The scholarship values diversity and encourages applicants from all disciplines. The funding provided by the organization is aimed at alleviating some of the financial burden associated with pursuing higher education, allowing students to focus on their studies and personal growth.

Criteria for application for the ServiceScape Scholarship.

To qualify for the ServiceScape Scholarship, applicants must be enrolled or planning to enroll in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program at an accredited college, university or trade school. Applicants are required to be at least 18 years old.  The scholarship is open to students of all nationalities, recognizing the global scope of education and the need for multicultural perspectives.

Application process

Applying for the ServiceScape Scholarship 2024 involves a simple and straightforward process. Applicants are required to fill out the online application form with accurate and up-to-date information submitted along with a 300-word essay on the topic, ‘How does writing impact today’s world?’ Each contest participant is eligible to only one entry. The application form and entry essay must be submitted in English. Applicants will be judged on the quality of their writing.

After the deadline has passed, the organization’s Scholarship Committee will carefully review all applications and select the most deserving candidates. The decision will be communicated to successful applicants within a reasonable time frame after the deadline. The winner’s name, headshot photograph and writing will be published in the company’s blog.

Prospective applicants are to visit the ServiceScape Scholarship page on the official ServiceScape website, for detailed information about the scholarship program including eligibility criteria and the application process. The deadline for submission of entries is 30th November 2024.

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