The Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) is a diverse learned society that unites individuals and organizations interested in underwater technology, ocean science, and offshore engineering. Established in 1966, the SUT boasts members from over 40 countries, including engineers, scientists, professionals, and students working in these fields. Its primary objectives are to enhance the understanding of the underwater environment and to promote knowledge exchange, technological advancements, sustainable water practices and ensuring high standards in marine science and technology through ongoing education for scientists and technologists.

It is with this objective that the Society for Underwater Technology provides an annual funding of up to £4,000 for individuals pursuing bachelor and master’s education in Marine Science, Underwater Technology and Offshore Engineering to meet industry’s critical shortage of suitably qualified entrants. The scholarship can be taken at any university in the United Kingdoms. The scholarship spans throughout the entire period, or remaining part of the degree course, subject to a satisfactory academic standard being maintained, which will be reviewed annually.

Eligibility requirements for the Society for Underwater Technology Fund

The educational support fund by the Society for Underwater Technology is open to applicants of all nationalities who demonstrate outstanding academic performance and a passion  for pursing a course in marine science, underwater technology or offshore engineering. The fund is not open for PhD studies. Doctoral students may apply for the Bil Loth Doctoral Grant. 

Application process

Prospective applicants for the Society for Underwater Technology sponsorship award are required to request an application form by no later than Sunday 30 June 2024, from Applicants applying for the award are to provide details of the subject they are studying or intend to study and supply the link to the course from the University webpage.

Postgraduate applicants (master’s degree) are required to provide a report from the head of their university department and a current employer’s reference. For undergraduate applicants, a head teacher’s reference or head of a university department’s report is required for submission.

Prospective applicants are required to research more on the award grant, the eligibility requirements and application process. The deadline for the submission of application is 31st July 2024. More information on the Educational Support Fund can be assessed on the official website of the Society for Underwater Technology.

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