Transgender man, Jay Boogie in need of a kidney transplant after unsuccessful BBL damages all 2 Kidneys

Daniel Anthony Nsikan, also known as Jay Boogie , a Nigerian Transgender who transitioned from a male to a female has been in the news for quite some time now.

He regained top of trends after he took to his page to post about a doctor trying to take his life during his Brazilian Butt Lift. In an Instagram post, he shared that his doctor should be blamed if something happens to him .

Shortly after, he posted that he was facing difficulties in passing urine as a part of his urinary tract got damaged by the surgeon who undertook his surgery. He did live videos on his Instagram where he was seen weeping in pain.

In an Instagram post shared by his best friend, it was announced that both kidneys of Jay boogie have been destroyed and that he needs an urgent transplant.

In his post, there sounded a severity in the condition of the Nigerian Transgender, Jay Boogie’s health condition. A go fund me link has been shared on his Instagram story to support his health as it keeps on getting worse.

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