Nigerian Correctional Service says Bobrisky will be housed in male prison section

This is because Bobrisky told the judge that he belongs to the male gender during court proceedings yesterday.

 A spokesperson for the Nigerian correctional service stated, “since he admitted to being a male in court, then we have to abide by what was submitted in court.”

The correctional service assured that measures will be taken to ensure Bobrisky’s safety from potential sexual assault by other inmates.

“He shouldn’t be afraid of sexual assault from other male inmates because our men can give him protection.”

Bobrisky gained huge following on social media for dressing like a woman and has been portraying to be one for a number of years.

Notwithstanding the female image he has been portraying, he will be handled in accordance with his legal gender status while in detention.

Bobrisky was sentenced to six months in jail by the Federal High Court in Lagos with no option of fine yesterday.

The court presided over by Justice Awogboro held that the ruling will discourage those who enjoy abusing and mutilating the Nigerian currency.

The Judge, however, ordered that the jail term commences on March 24, 2024, the day of Bobrisky’s arrest.

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