Legon Hall, University of Ghana hosts Echoke event on the 16th of December.

Legon hall event

The legon hall JCR; Junior Common Room in partnership with Whitebox media is set to host event named Echoke on the 16th of December. As the Christmas festive season has set in, the JCR of the Legon hall through this initiative want to enlighten the moods of its residents.

The Echoke event to this effect presents various activities to make residents happy. These activities include Aerobics, clean up exercises, food competition and movie night among others.

Whitebox media, the media team partnered with plays a great role in this event as they are set to participate by providing services which range from photography, videography and interviews among others to capture this beautiful event.

All residents of the hall are invited to show participation and also have fun as the event was organized for their sake.

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