“Sad Controversy: Why Ghanaians Aren’t Backing Chef Smith’s 15 days Guinness World Record Bid”

Reason Chef Smith’s Cook-a-thin has less support.

A social media user has pointed out why Ghanaians are not backing a male chef, named Smith, who is attempting to break Chef Faila’s record in a cook-a-thon.

Netizens believe the lack of support is due to him being male and not having attractive physical features to show off. Smith’s cook-a-thon at a mall in Spintex has seen poor attendance compared to the successful events held by Chef Faila Abdul Razak and Afua Asantewaa Aduonum.

While some blame the chef for organizing his event too soon after the others, a social media user disagrees, suggesting that if Chef Smith were female and had a large bottom, people would support him regardless.

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