Temi Otedola answers; A $ 1200 to the question of the brokest she has ever been.

The Famous daughter of one of Nigeria’ s richest men, Temi Otedola in a street interview was asked the brokest( poorest) she has ever been.

Temi Otedola, the wife of popular musician and business man, Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade, better known by his stage name Mr Eazi answered $ 1200 to the question.

For most people, it is no shock as she is the daughter of a very rich man and also the wife to a very rich and popular business man.

In Ghana cedis, the brokest she has ever been is 14,278.68 Ghanaian Cedi while in Naira, the brokest she ever went was 1,008,048.00 Nigerian Naira.

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