Juventus Academy Ghana Releases Cost of Registration Fees; ranges from $1500-$3000

The Juventus Football Academy which was set up in Ghana on the 27th of October 2023 releases its pricing for registration fees. This football Academy was set up in Ghana to spread Italian football ethics in the country and African continent as a whole.

The prices ranges from $1500-3000 depending on the age groups. Find the registration fees below.

Individuals aged 6-8 years are required to pay $1500. Those in between the age groups of 9-11 have a cost of $2000. For ages 12-14, an amount of $2500 is required and finally, individuals who are 15-19 have a registration fee of $3000.

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Kits prices are $400 and $450 respectively and they include official training kit, match games kit, presentation suit, raincoat and a bag.

Also the packages include Trainings Pulcini and Giovannissimi – 2 classes per week + 1 match on weekend and also trainings allievi and primavera which are 3 classes per week and one match a weekend.

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