FC Porto Banned from European Competitions for One Year & Fined €1.5 Million

FC Porto faces a hefty €1.5 million fine and a potential one-year suspension from European competitions due to breaching UEFA’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations. The sanction stems from “debts owed to other football clubs,employees and/or social/fiscal authorities,” according to a UEFA statement.

The Portuguese club acknowledged the punishment in a statement, attributing the blame to “reckless and ineffective management acts” by the previous administration. This mismanagement resulted in non-compliance with FFP rules,particularly regarding payments to staff, tax authorities, and other clubs.

FC Porto further admitted to aggravating the situation by repeatedly violating the regulations and providing “incorrect and incomplete information” to UEFA during the investigation.

Despite the setback, the newly elected board expressed their commitment to upholding all regulations, including FFP.They plan to conduct an internal and external investigation to determine the cause of these transgressions and hold those responsible accountable.

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