Trending video on how enraged British journalist condemns Nigeria over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s visit to Nigeria

A video on how an enraged British condemns Nigeria over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s visit to Nigeria has got everyone talking about degree of racism prevailing among some British and whites in general. Below is the video;

In the video, O’Sullivan said,’There’s no way our royal family
would set foot in Nigeria, a country where
female genital mutilation is rife; where
women’s rights basically don’t exist; and
where hundreds of kids are regularly
kidnapped by extremist Islamic groups.

This is not a country that should be
endorsed by anyone, certainly not our
royal family and these twO are naive in
what they’re doing. They’re making this
country look good when it doesn’t
deserve it.

O’Sullivan’s guest, royal correspondent
and expert, Michael Cole agreed with
every description about Nigeria.

“I couldn’t tell you the number of royal
tours that I’ve been on and what you say
is absolutely right, Cole said. ‘Nigeria,
the foreign office and the American State
Department both say it’s a dangerous
destination, you must not go there. It vies
with Johannesburg, South Africa to be the
murder capital of the continent.

“In that country, there’s industrial scale,
volumes of people who are ripping off
people around the world, internet fraud,
wholesale internet fraud, defrauding old
ladies, stealing identities and none of
that is ever prosecuted.”

The video sparked outrage among many Nigerians, some of whom described the British journalist as a racist.

“If he can compare Nigerians to Nazis publicly, imagine what he says in private? So glad Harry & Meghan slammed that Brexit door in their faces. It’s what they deserve,” a social media user wrote.

Journalists on Arise TV’s The Morning Show also voiced their criticism.

Amid the disapproval, Wilson said he deleted the post because it caused an “unanticipated offence”.

Some comments from Netizens

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