Mobile Money Vendor Kwabena Gideon takes his own life over 16,000 Ghc debt.

Kwabena Gideon dies to suicide over debt.

Tragic news unfolds as Kwabena Gideon, a 23-year-old married mobile money vendor hailing from Awutu Bereku in the Central region, has reportedly taken his own life.

Allegedly burdened by a debt of 16,000 Ghana cedis owed to his employer, Gideon’s life ended in a devastating manner. Leaving behind a one-year-old son, he was found with a bottle of poison by his side, having ingested the toxic substance.

His demise occurred approximately 20 minutes after consuming the lethal poison. Faustina Asare, a neighbor, disclosed that the deceased succumbed to the overwhelming pressure, resulting in his consumption of DDT. She recounted seeing him quietly standing behind an unfinished building early on Saturday, February 24, 2024, without engaging him since she had no business with him at the time.

Approximately an hour later, she heard cries from her neighbors and discovered his lifeless body at the same spot. During a search, a container believed to have held the DDT was discovered.

The deceased’s body has been transported to the Winneba Trauma and Specialist Hospital for examination and preservation, while the police have launched an investigation into the incident.

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