Fake Onua TV Journalist’s gets 30-Year Sentence for Robbery and Violence.

Man posing as Onua TV journalist gets 30 year sentence for robbery.

In a recent development from the Mankessim Circuit Court in the Central Region, a startling case has come to light involving a young man who masqueraded as a journalist affiliated with Accra-based Onua TV.

This individual, identified as John Awila, also known as Nana Kojo Agboko, has been handed a hefty 30-year prison sentence for his involvement in a harrowing incident of robbery and violence against a taxi driver in Breman Essuoko.

The events leading up to Awila’s conviction paint a disturbing picture of deceit and criminality. According to reports gathered by Kasapa News correspondent Yaw Boagyan, Awila’s modus operandi involved exploiting his fabricated identity to gain the trust of unsuspecting victims. In this instance, he purportedly claimed to have close ties with Captain Smart, a prominent figure in the media landscape, asserting that he provided valuable assistance to him on a regular basis.

Under the guise of needing transportation to visit his mother in a nearby village, Awila, the alleged Onua TV journalist hired a taxi driver in Achiase, Eastern Region. However, what initially appeared to be a routine trip quickly descended into a nightmare for the unsuspecting driver. As they made their way towards their purported destination, Awila cunningly directed the driver to branch onto a secluded road, ostensibly to make a brief stop to visit his mother.

It was at this point that a the fake Onua TV journalist’s true intentions were revealed in a chilling display of violence and coercion. Drawing a firearm, he menacingly demanded that the driver surrender his valuables, including money, mobile phones, and the key to the vehicle. In a desperate bid to save his life, the terrified driver complied with Awila’s demands. However, the ordeal took a tragic turn when Awila callously shot the defenseless driver in the forehead before absconding from the scene.

In the aftermath of the heinous crime, Awila attempted to cover his tracks by removing the registration number from the taxi and disguising it as a private vehicle through a crude spray-painting endeavor. However, his efforts to evade justice were short-lived, as diligent police work led to his swift apprehension by the Breman Asikuma police.

Subsequently, Awila was brought before the Mankessim Circuit Court to face justice for his reprehensible actions. It was found that all what he said was a lie and that he was not a Onua TV journalist. Despite initially pleading guilty to three counts of robbery, the severity of his crimes warranted a stern response from the court. Thus, he was handed down a sentence of 30 years in prison for each count, with the sentences to be served concurrently.

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