Nigerian Actor Amechi Muonagor , 61 has reportedly passed away.

Amechi Muonagor has reportedly kicked the bucket.

Popular Nigerian actor Amechi Muonagor has reportedly passed away at age 61 after suffering from what was alleged as a Kidney disease. Popular Nigerian actor Amaechi Muonagor was very sick and needed money for a kidney transplant. He was seen in a video lying in bed with a bandage on his chest, struggling to talk.

Another actor next to him explained Amechi Muonagor’s situation, saying he had been ill for months and had just come back from the hospital but was still very weak. The actor pleaded for financial help, as Muonagor was unable to pay for his medical treatment. This sad news came after the recent death of another actor, Mr Ibu, who also faced health issues.

Many people prayed for Muonagor and offered to donate money to help him. This situation showed the big problem in Nollywood, where actors often didn’t have health insurance and struggled to afford medical care.

Unfortunately, he has been reported dead on social media by some Nigerian Twitter influencers. This was shortly after videos of him pleading for financial help surfaced online.

He featured in movies like Ukwa, Aki and Pawpaw, Aki and Ukwa and 2 rats among others.

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