“Kwasi Amankwaa, aka ‘Rasta’, Dies in Tragic Incident on February 8: Speculation Surrounds Mallam Kokroko Hotel Owner’s Untimely Death”

Kwasi Amankwaa; hotel owner dies in a tragic incident

Kwasi Amankwaa, a well-known hotel owner in Mallam Kokroko, located in the Greater Accra region, tragically met his demise on Thursday, February 8. Referred to affectionately as Rasta within the community, he was allegedly subjected to a violent attack that resulted in his untimely death.

According to an eyewitness account provided to Adom News, the assailant reportedly issued a chilling warning, threatening to shoot Mr. Amankwaa if he made any sudden movements. Shockingly, when bystanders rushed to the scene, they found Mr. Amankwaa gravely wounded from a gunshot, while the perpetrator had already fled, leaving chaos and confusion in their wake.

Speculation swirls among residents, pointing fingers at a potential motive tied to an ongoing legal battle over the ownership of the hotel. It is rumored that a Canadian woman, embroiled in a contentious court dispute with the deceased, may have a connection to this heinous act.

However, amidst the turmoil and suspicion, the authorities are notably absent, as the police have yet to arrive at the scene to launch an investigation and restore a sense of order to the community. The tragic loss of Kwasi Amankwaa, fondly known as Rasta, has left Mallam Kokroko reeling with grief and seeking justice for their fallen neighbor.

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