National Road Safety Authority records 174 fatalities in January 2024.

174 deaths recorded by National Road Safety Authority in January.

In January 2024, the National Road Safety Authority reported a total of 1,142 road traffic crashes, involving 1,991 vehicles and resulting in 1,504 casualties, including 174 fatalities and 1,330 injuries.

Of the reported crashes, 55% were minor, 33% were serious, and 12% were fatal. Shockingly, 9% of the fatalities were individuals below 18 years old, while 91% were adults, indicating a concerning trend with a ratio of 10 adult deaths for every child death.

Private vehicles were the most involved in crashes, accounting for 45.3%, followed by commercial vehicles at 32.9%, and motorcycles at 21.9%. However, commercial vehicle involvement increased by 13.3% compared to the previous year, while private vehicles and motorcycles decreased by 7.1% and 1.4%, respectively.

Motorcycles constituted the majority of crashes involving cycles, followed by tricycles, bicycles, and handcarts. Despite motorcycles being the least involved in crashes overall, their disproportionate involvement compared to their population is alarming.

The Greater Accra Region recorded the highest number of crashes, followed by the Ashanti Region, which also had the highest number of fatalities. The Eastern Region ranked third in crashes and second in fatalities.

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