Confrontation at Church: Juju Men Seek Back Charms Allegedly Given to Prophet for Miracles

Juju men allegedly seek back charm given to Prophet.

In a dramatic turn of events, the serene premises of Prophet Agyenim Boateng’s church became the center stage for a tense confrontation between the spiritual leader and a group of traditional healers, commonly referred to as juju men. The dispute, fueled by allegations of charm usage, unfolded under the glaring scrutiny of social media, as a video capturing the altercation quickly circulated online.

According to reports, the juju men claimed that Prophet Agyenim Boateng had approached them seeking spiritual assistance to boost attendance at his church and to perform miracles. They alleged that, in collaboration with the prophet, they had buried charms on the church’s grounds as part of their ritualistic practices to attract followers and facilitate supernatural manifestations.

In the video footage, one of the juju men could be seen vigorously digging on the church premises, purportedly unearthing the charms that had been clandestinely buried. As the excavation commenced, the prophet’s wife emerged from the church, expressing disbelief and questioning their actions on their property without prior consent.

A heated exchange ensued between the prophet’s wife and the traditional healers with accusations and insults flying back and forth. The confrontation escalated as emotions ran high, highlighting the deep-seated tensions between traditional spiritual practices and organized religion in the community.

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