Shocking! “Sammy Flex faces challenges as Shatta Wale’s manager” Ogboro Naghty DJ reveals.

Inexperience in Managing Shatta Wale’s Brand: Sammy Flex Faces Challenges, but Potential for Improvement, Says Ogboro Naghty DJ”

The host of the Entertainment Show on Obaatanpa Radio 92.5, Ogboro Naghty DJ, has weighed in on the recent controversies surrounding Shatta Wale’s cancelled shows. He believes that Sammy Flex, Shatta Wale’s newly appointed manager, may be struggling to handle the larger-than-life brand of the Dancehall artist due to his lack of experience in managing such a high-profile artist.

Shatta Wale’s decision to make Sammy Baah, also known as Sammy Flex, his manager sparked mixed reactions in the entertainment industry. Many questioned whether Sammy Flex was up to the task, especially given Shatta Wale’s controversial nature.

Since the announcement of their partnership, Shatta Wale and his team have faced the disappointment of canceled shows for various reasons, as explained in an official release.

According to Ogboro Naghty DJ, Sammy Flex is undoubtedly a prominent figure in the entertainment industry with a rich background in journalism. However, managing an artist like Shatta Wale, known for thriving on controversy, poses a unique challenge that will require time and experience to navigate effectively.

Ogboro Naghty DJ made these observations during his program last Friday, suggesting that Sammy Flex could improve his approach by building a team and sharing responsibilities, as it appears he is currently handling everything himself, which can be overwhelming.

The “evening general” also emphasized the importance of event organizers understanding the type of brand they are booking for their shows to make the right decisions in managing their priorities.

Source: Obaatampa Radio

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