Man Jumps Off Building After A Wicked Attempt To Rape 1 UPSA Student. 


   In the early hours of the day, a young man had a female student of the University of Professional Studies (UPSA) trapped in a room and attempted to rape to her. The rape incident was alleged to be attempted by a young man who’s yet to be identified as a student or worker in the UPSA hostel. 

   According to sources, screams of the victim could be heard from one of the rooms so the other occupants of the other rooms became alarmed. When the screaming for help didn’t stop and got even louder, they realized that a lady was being raped. So quickly the other girls began to shout for help and that caught the attention of some guys in the same hostel. 

   Eventually news spread quickly that a man was in there raping a lady and the guys quickly scrambled to the room where the shouts for help kept getting loud. Unfortunately for the guys, the door was locked but after several attempts to break the door, the guys who tried to rescue the young UPSA student succeeded. 

   But before they could get hold of the young man who had done the awful deed, he had already jumped from the balcony of the 7th floor and died instantly. 

According to sources, the young man was scared to death since her knew that the boys would beat him up so that resulted to him jumping off the balcony. Others said he slipped while trying to escape from the hands of the angry boys who had become rescuers. 

    What exactly transpired at that balcony is not known but it’s very obvious that the rapist must not have survived the high jump. Also according to sources, the young UPSA student was bleeding with blood all over her thighs when the guys saved her.

Here is A Video of the Young Man After Jumping Off The Balcony:

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