Ghanaians misconstrued my actions to be bribery – Kwadaso MP claims

In response to allegations surrounding his involvement in the Ejisu by-election, Kwadaso MP Dr. Kingsley Nyarko has issued a detailed statement refuting any accusations of bribery. Dr. Nyarko emphasizes his strong commitment to maintaining the integrity and credibility of the Electoral Commission (EC), stating that he highly values the institution and would never engage in actions that could damage its reputation.

He stresses that throughout his political career, he has worked hard to establish a reputation for honesty, integrity, and discipline. Dr. Nyarko explains that his actions during the election were motivated by a genuine desire to ensure the smooth running of the electoral process. My

Regarding the viral video showing him placing an envelope on the table where EC officials were stationed, Dr. Nyarko provides context for his actions. He clarifies that he was assigned by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to oversee multiple polling stations in Fumesua, including the one in question. During his visits, he spoke with electoral officers to check on the progress of the election and offered to provide them with lunch since their meals had not arrived.

Dr. Nyarko insists that the envelope he placed on the table was simply a gesture of goodwill and not an attempt to influence or bribe the electoral officers. He firmly denies any wrongdoing, stating unequivocally that he did not engage in bribery or any other misconduct during the election.

Additionally, Dr. Nyarko expresses his willingness to fully cooperate with any investigations conducted by the EC or relevant authorities to clarify the situation and uphold principles of transparency and accountability. He reaffirms his belief in the democratic process and commits to continue serving his constituents with integrity and dedication.

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