Benkum Senior High School Headmaster’s Scandal

During the weekend , news broke that the headmaster of Benkum senior high school was allegedly accused of sexual misconduct by some female students .

The very next day , there was a statement circulating on social media debunking the alleged scandal . The release dubbed the alleged news as a mere prank .

Okay , There is where I come in .

A headmaster with all the clout and pedigree at his disposal puts it all on the line for a mere prank ? . Really ?

I find it hard to absorb the idea of a 50 plus years old grown man at his level to settle for such a needless negative spotlight .

Sexual misconduct is a very serious crime in any part of the world . So for a headmaster to come up with such a thing makes absolutely no sense . Nobody at his level will dare jeopardize everything he’s worked so hard for , for that kind of negative shade .

I want to play the devil’s advocate and pitch in the “What if’s” . What if the so called prank statement which came out later was just a strategy to save his image ? What if he actually did and they’re trying to cover it up ? . Hmm.

If indeed it was a prank , whomever advised him to do that was totally not thinking straight . Considering his image , pedigree , clout and everything at stake , that was one the most audaciously outrageous stunt someone in his position should even consider doing .

The said issue is alleged and I hope both GES and the Ghana Police service take this issue to heart and thoroughly investigate because this issue can’t just be swept under the carpet just like that . We need answers please .

Whatever the outcome may be , I have nothing against the man but to put your reputation at risk in the name of a prank ? I call for his head .

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