The “Buy My Vote Pandemic “!

Democracy was born in Athens , Greece around the fifth century B.C.E . This practice was supposed to give a voice to the common people and allow them have a first hand in decision making which includes choosing their leaders freely without any form of manipulation or duress.
So basically , democracy gives the common man the privilege to think , act and choose on his own and partake in first hand decision making without any external influences .

Clearly Ghanaian electorates didn’t get this memo .

The Ghanaian Democracy scheme is currently suffering from an absurd social pandemic I term as the “Buy my vote pandemic” .
Incase you’re not familiar with this deadly pandemic , let me enlighten you .
This is a situation where electorates are being swayed to vote based on what delegates are willing to put on the table . Due to this , the prowess of the delegate is often overlooked . “Whether or not he is competent or not , as long as he/she can afford my vote he’s the right man for the job” . Sad .

My question is : As an electorate or a rational thinking human being of substance , why should you allow someone to buy your right to decision-making? .

Ghanaian politics have deteriorated and sunk so low that electorates are being swayed with electronic gadgets , food , money etc . This seems to have become a social norm thus , both electorates and delegates see absolutely nothing wrong with this nonsense .

You sell your decision making rights to a politician and when he under-performs whom do you blame? .

We’re in a country where people have held seats for God knows how long with nothing to boast of within their constituencies . We complain of bad roads , no water , no this and that yet you’ll still vote for the same person because he bought your power and thoughts with a bag of rice which has his face printed on it . This is ridiculous .

For how long are Ghanaian electorates going to allow themselves to be subjected to be ridiculed each and every election season ?. For how long are we going to keep selling our future to people who ghost out on our communities after elections?.

Politicians who endulge in this circus of an act should be ashamed . Let your works and competence speak for itself . The consistent incompetence is being covered up with envelopes stacked with cash . You’re basically going contrary to the state law which allows everyone to vote freely without any form of manipulation . This is absolutely shameful as constitutional practitioners .

At the end of the day , it all comes down to electorates . It is disrespectful for a delegate to think he owns a seat just because he has money and he can afford you .
Placing your rights in the pockets of an irresponsible and incompetent individual is suicidal . You’re basically being rendered toothless . Your thoughts are literally being decapitated .
These incentives aren’t being given to you because you’re liked or loved or adored by these delegates . If they cared about you , they’d be focusing on policies that will change your lives and better your livelihoods within and outside your vicinity .
It’s high time electorates paid attention to competence and not their tummies being filled .
You’re being swayed from thinking . That’s their main goal and electorates fall victim to this every single time .

Come to think of it . You still have bad roads, kids are still learning under trees and all of that . If they had any plans for you , why don’t they use the money they throw around to solicit for votes to fix these things and create jobs . Unemployment rate is still high you know .

We see this happening each and every political season and from the looks of it , it’s here to stay because the giver isn’t going to stop and the receiver isn’t ready to reason .

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