5 Presec Legon boys face indefinite suspension after engaging in homosexual activities.

Presec legon students (5) face indefinite suspension.

Five students from Presbyterian Boys Senior high school popularly known as Presec have faced indefinite suspension due to their involvement in homosexual activities, sparking controversy and scrutiny within the school community. This was shared by Ghana Crimes on Twitter now X.

The school is well known for its high levels of intelligence and discipline. The disciplinary action was prompted by the discovery of two students engaging in such behavior, captured on video, while three additional students were reported by their peers. The identity of these 5 students have been concealed.

Initially, the school administration opted for silence, perhaps in a bid to mitigate potential backlash or maintain a semblance of normalcy. However, their attempts to conceal the incident ultimately failed, as the truth inevitably came to light, prompting the administration to take decisive action.

Some people are still in doubt as to if this was Presec legon but others believe it is them as their logo says exactly what Ghana crimes shared.

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