Ex-President Mahama to combat illegal mining with ‘AI’

John Mahama, the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), unveiled a comprehensive strategy aimed at utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to combat the pervasive issue of illegal small-scale mining, commonly referred to as ‘galamsey’.

John Dramani Mahama

He articulated these plans during the ‘3rd Annual Transformational Dialogue on Small-scale mining’ convened by the University of Energy and Natural Resources in Sunyani.

The scourge of illegal small-scale mining has emerged as a pressing challenge for the government, eliciting widespread concern among Ghanaians due to its detrimental impacts. Mahama underscored the imperative of technological innovation in bolstering the monitoring and regulation of the small-scale mining sector to mitigate its adverse environmental effects.

Illegal Mining

In his address to the gathering, the former President emphasized the proposal to harness AI technology  for the identification of small-scale mining and galamsey activities, surveillance of excavators, and implementation of geo-fencing measures around concessions to curtail unauthorized mining, particularly in ecologically sensitive areas such as water bodies.

This initiative, according to Mahama, aims to fortify coordinated efforts in monitoring and regulating mining operations, thereby fostering sustainable mining practices and safeguarding environmental integrity. By leveraging AI-driven solutions, the objective is to enhance the capacity for oversight and enforcement within the small-scale mining sector, ultimately contributing to the preservation of Ghana’s natural resources for future generations.

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