The Global African Innovation Association (GAIA), often referred to as the “Global Hub,” presents the first-ever IT event in collaboration with Impact Hub/Dawa Dawa, University of Ghana, Decisio, and IOT Network Hub. The event is themed “The African Dream Through Tech and Innovation.” Introduced as an organization aiming to create an inclusive infrastructure involving entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes, businesses, and governmental bodies, the Global Hub seeks to transform innovative ideas into impactful projects and businesses in Africa and across the globe, with a focus on the Republic of Ghana.

The Global Hub, driven by the African Dream of Business Engagement, initiates change through entrepreneurship, educational workshops, courses, and programs related to Information Technology. It engages the public through reformed policies, treaties, redefined advocacy, representative branding, and a plan for a global infrastructure. The Global African Innovation Association (Global Hub) communicates its innovative ideas through social platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google Analytics, proving its authenticity and genuineness.

In the administrative year of 2023-2024, the Global Hub offered business development and intelligence through consultancy services in May. It provided client engagement in Ghana and the Netherlands, incorporating platforms for E-learning and financial technology, including Start Apps.

With the aim of making the African Dream a beacon of inventive brilliance through technological innovations, the Global Hub has organized the IT event, “The African Dream through Technology and Innovation,” themed “Redefining Development.” The event is scheduled to occur on the 25th of November 2023, at IAAP Accra, from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. Contributors to this educative IT event include the Global Hub (organizers), Decisio presenting on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science, IOT Network Hub presenting on Infotech Vision 2050: Building a prosperous Africa, the University of Ghana, professionals, students, and other invited and surprise guests.

In this collaborative initiative, two distinct teams representing Ghana and the Netherlands have been formed, comprising a diverse assembly of stakeholders and board team members. Each team brings a wealth of expertise and perspectives, reflecting a commitment to fostering cooperation and synergy between Africa and the Diaspora.The inclusion of stakeholders and board team members from both nations ensures a comprehensive approach to addressing shared challenges and pursuing mutually beneficial opportunities. This international collaboration holds the promise of fostering meaningful exchanges and achieving collective goals that transcend geographical boundaries.

There will be live music from DJ kingswitch and Jedibwoy. Refreshments in the form of snacks and drinks will be provided by Zoe’s Kitchen to all invited guests. All are invited to grace the occasion. For sponsorship, partnership, or more information, please contact +233 (0) 5027 5868 4 or +31 (0) 6 5060 6250 or send an email to

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