The Matron and Bursa of some Senior High Schools Detained for Diverting Student Food Supplies

In a shocking turn of events, the matron and bursar of Some Senior High School (Great SOSEC) in Agbozume have been detained for allegedly diverting food supplies intended for boarding students. This serious breach of trust has reportedly been ongoing for years, raising significant concerns about the welfare of the students and the integrity of the school administration.

The arrest was initiated by Ibrahim Ayuba, an assembly member, who discovered that the matron’s luggage and the bursar’s car contained stolen goods. Among the items recovered were essential supplies such as tin tomatoes, mackerel, detergents, and pesticide spray, all meant for the students’ use.

These findings have shocked the community, as the thefts have seemingly been carried out over an extended period. The continuous diversion of these supplies could have potentially compromised the nutrition and hygiene of the boarding students, highlighting the severity of the alleged misconduct.

Currently, both the matron and the bursar are being held at the Agbozume police station as investigations continue. This incident has sparked a call for stricter oversight and accountability within the school system to prevent such abuses of power in the future.

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