Vinicius Drama and controversy in Champions League Quarter – Final clash

Real Madrid make it known that they were not happy with Vinicius against Leipzig

Real Madrid secures Champions League quarter-final berth with a 2-1 aggregate victory over RB Leipzig, featuring Vinicius Junior’s decisive goal. Despite multiple close calls, internal dissatisfaction arises, with legend Predrag Mijatovic harshly critiquing Vinicius and Leipzig players bewildered by a non-red card incident with Willi Orban.

Mar 7, 2024 – Insights from Marca reveal discontent within the club, possibly stemming from Carlo Ancelotti’s coaching staff or the dressing room itself. Vinicius’ unprovoked reaction to Orban triggers frustration, perceived as a risky move considering the stakes. Vinicius swiftly silences critics with a goal moments later, underscoring his pivotal role.

Vinicius faces widespread criticism, often deflected domestically onto opponents. However, the Leipzig match lacks a contentious atmosphere, rough treatment, or refereeing disputes, placing blame—albeit for a non-issued red card—squarely on Vinicius’ shoulders.

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