The University of Ghana expresses its sadness towards the demise of Masters’ Student Mr. Dennis Twumasi Ankrah.

On the 21st of November 2023, Mr Dennis Twumai- Ankrah , a masters’ student of the University of Ghana Business School for Graduates met his unfortunate demise after closing from lectures.

He was a student in the Master of Science in procurement and supply chain management class. He was a weekend student to this effect. However on this faithful day, ending class was also ending his stay on earth as he met his untimely death after meeting a group of muggers.

According to sources, he was attacked by a group of muggers (Kwashey boys) after class on the UPSA – UGBS stretch. They were in a struggle with him for his possessions. He refused to give them out which made the muggers furious leading to they pushing Mr Dennis Twumasi- Ankrah to the road.

A passing car from the stretch passed over the deceased as it was also going it’s direction. This led to the passing away of this young gentlemen.

His father confirmed this news today leading to the University’s notice of the incident. The whole university community wishes the family of the late Mr Dennis Twumasi Ankrah farewell and continue to sympathize with them.

Members of the University of Ghana are expected to take safety precautions whiles on campus to avoid unfortunate incidents.

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