Ghanaian dishes have began to gain global recognition.

Ghanaian is a title given to a person who is a citizen of Ghana. Recently, Ghanaians have become keen on making their dishes global. The big question is why Ghanaians take pride in their dishes.
In a typical Ghanaian home, culture makes it the woman’s responsibility to make the food. Ghana is comprised of several regions and each region has that meal that makes them stand out.

The Ga’s take pride in the meal, Kenkey, which they term as “K)mi”. They usually eat this with ground pepper and fried fish.

The Akans too take pride in Fufu, which is made of cassava and plantain. They eat this along side with soop.

The Northnern people also take pride in their popular meal known as Tuo zafi with Ayoyo soop.

Ghana is currently on a jollof war with Nigeria and Ghanaians are not backing down because their jollof is top notch.
Chefs like Faila who attempted the World’s Longest Cooking is on a path of putting Ghanaian dishes on the map.

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