Chinese National Serving A 1 year jail term escapes.

Chinese inmate escapes after feigning illness.

A Chinese national, who had been serving a one-year jail term at Nsawam Prison following convictions for theft and various other serious offenses, has purportedly managed to escape from custody.

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The escape incident unfolded subsequent to the individual’s alleged feigning of illness while incarcerated, prompting authorities to transfer them to Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital for medical attention.

This turn of events has raised concerns about the security protocols and supervision within the prison system, particularly regarding the management of inmates deemed to require medical care.

The escape of the Chinese national underscores the necessity for heightened vigilance and stringent measures to prevent similar occurrences in the future. It highlights the challenges faced by correctional facilities in balancing the provision of necessary healthcare for inmates with the imperative of maintaining security and preventing escapes.

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