D Black lighting a cigar for my baby mama forced me to go public about our divorce – MEDIKAL

Rapper Medikal has disclosed that a video showing D Black lighting a cigar for his baby mama was the catalyst for announcing their separation. The incident took place during D Black’s show at the 02 Arena, where Medikal publicly insulted D Black for the act, believing it was inappropriate for his colleague to engage with his ex-wife in such a manner.

Speaking in an interview with Starr FM in Accra, Medikal explained that he felt compelled to reveal their breakup to avoid constant questions about his ex-wife’s behavior. Medikal emphasized his principles and respect for social codes, expressing his disapproval of D Black’s actions.

“Anyone who knows me understands that I don’t drag things out. I’m very respectful, and my big brother here knows the ‘Gee code.’ There are certain boundaries we don’t cross. It’s not right to see my big man’s wife in town and smoke with her. I didn’t like that. Maybe D Black thought it was cool because of their relationship, but it didn’t sit well with me. When I tweeted about it, I felt uneasy, and he released a song soon after. He claimed it was an old track, which I respect, but the lyrics seemed to reflect the situation, and it affected me deeply. As a human, it’s normal to react that way.”

Medikal continued, “Seeing that video made it clear that we were over. The world wasn’t aware, but that incident pushed me to publicly announce our separation. I didn’t want anyone to think my wife was involved in such behavior.”

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